Birdie Chesson

Lifestyle & Respire Coach

We all need Relief & Release.
Whether we are in physical, mental or emotional pain, we must remember to Breathe.

  • With a 20 YEAR Career in Coaching, Birdie Chesson has helped countless people on their Co-Creating Journey.
  • "We ALWAYS Create Our Own Reality." SO you will get out of this, what you put into it.  Love, Birdie

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life!

We have a Breathe Masterclass featuring breathing exercises, easy to follow learning on how the law of attraction works and how it can work for you.
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Yoga Mats, Yoga Wear, Pillows, Housewares ETC.
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We Are Creators!

 Contrast happens to all of us so let's not be hard on ourselves.
I show you the key to a path of least resistance through the clarity of my own example in my memoir, “Breathe…”

Breathe With Birdie

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