By Birdie Chesson

Doing the Inner Work is The Most Important Part of Shadow Work.

Why is my life this way? Why am I constantly going thru the same things, over and over?

  • Whether we are in physical, mental or emotional pain, we must remember to Breathe. We can only do that if we dig deep, doing the Inner Work.
  • We've all heard that "We Create Our Own Reality."
  • But no one actually talks about is that it's all ingrained in us. Our Traumas are in our DNA. It affects us Consciously, Subconsciously and even deeper parts of ourselves that we don't know.
  • This is not just about the Law of Attraction, this is about Doing the inner work. My strategies are PROVEN and inner works truly brings results BUT... YOU will only get out of this, what YOU put into it.

You're not alone. Let's do the work, Together.
Love, Birdie

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Breathe With Birdie

A collection of Breathing Meditations from Birdie Chesson. Here are some Breathing Exercises for Relief and Release...

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